Edito - Harvey Viotty

Journal RN 20

I am delighted to share the news of our beautiful Reserve and its team whom I congratulate on the quality of their work and their implication on all fronts.
Nothing is fixed at the Reserve, missions follow one after the other without interruption, and each one is carried out with great dynamism.
I am particularly proud that the Saint Martin Nature Reserve plays an important role, not only on a local level, but also on a regional, national and even international level.
Thanks to the Reserve, Saint Martin has become the regional “hub” for environmental issues and will soon be strengthening this area of competence as the European Commission appointed Saint-Martin as coordinator for the project BEST which was implemented to protect the biodiversity within the 15 overseas territories in the Caribbean.

I will leave you to read on about the actions carried out by the Nature Reserve in the pages that follow, and I invite you to support this magazine by sharing it with your contacts, and by going onto our Facebook page ‘Réserve naturelle nationale de Saint-Martin’.

Harvey Viotty

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