Turtles On The Beach

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Réunion des écovolontaires - Meeting of eco-volunteers
Réunion des écovolontaires - Meeting of eco-volunteers

A group of eco-volunteers turned out in big numbers this year, with no less than 50 people regularly patrolling the beaches in order to find tracks left by the marine turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. By mid-June, three observations had been noted. A first informational meeting was held on April 19 at L’Etage restaurant in Hope Estate, and a second on June 21 at the Réserve. For Julien Chalifour, director of the Réserve’s scientific division, the return of these activities, in spite of the scars left by Irma, as well as the recent invasion of Sargasso seaweed, is very encouraging, but he points out the importance of maintaining the quality and tranquility of the areas around the sites where the eggs are laid.

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To promote the conservation of the sea turtle population

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