Lucky Students Go To Pinel

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Découverte de Pinel - Exploring Pinel
Découverte de Pinel - Exploring Pinel

A group of 20 kids from Milton Peters College, a middle school on the Dutch side, accompanied by their guests from The Netherlands, were able to explore the terrestrial and marine flora and fauna on the small island of Pinel, with the help of the Réserve Naturelle. On foot, or outfitted with a mask, snorkel, and fins, they were made aware of the problems caused by Sargasso seaweed, the decline of the water quality along the coastline, and invasive species, as well as free services provided by nature for the benefit of mankind such as the production of fish, protection against the elements, and water purification. These activities seem even more important to the students in the context of climate change that directly impacts our islands.

Bienvenue à Pinel - Welcome to Pinel

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