A Student Dedicated To BioHab2

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Colette Buisson
Colette Buisson

Colette Buisson, an intern at the Réserve Naturelle from April 15 through August 30, is working on the deployment and study of the colonization of artificial marine habitats as part of the BioHab2 project. A student at the Institut Intechmer of Cherbourg (CNAM), she has spent the past three years studying as a technical engineer for the marine environment. To complete her project for the Réserve, she has retrieved all of the data relating to BioHab2, which is installed onsite at Tintamare, and she will participate in the placement of a second artificial habitat near Anse Marcel, within the perimeter of the Réserve Naturelle. A certified diver, she also participates in other scientific outings for the reserve —observing coral, plant beds, birds— and will submit her report at the end of her internship, and defend it at Intechmer in September. Her experience in Saint Martin allows her to acquire solid professional experience in various areas in the management of vegetal and animal populations.

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