A «Tool Kit» For The Study Of Plant Beds

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Une raie dans l’herbier - A ray in the seagrass © Julien Chalifour
Une raie dans l’herbier - A ray in the seagrass © Julien Chalifour

One year after her first mission in the waters of Saint Martin, Fanny Kerninon returned to the island last May. Working with the Réserve, this scientist/diver visited four plant bed stations: Grand-Case, Rocher Créole, Galion, and Tintamare. Working on her thesis at the University of Western Brittany, and in collaboration with IFRECOR, for which she coordinates the observation of underwater plant beds for Overseas France, this young woman dives into tropical waters the world over, from the Caribbean Sea to the Indian Ocean. Her goal is to produce a “tool box” for the study of plant beds and the indicators that allow managers to follow the health status of “their” plant beds, which are very different one from the next. The challenge for Fanny is to develop a set of standard tools that can be used to study all types of underwater plant beds. She also represented Overseas France at the World Seagrass Conference, June 11- 17, 2018 in Singapore.

Did You Know?
Saint Martin is one of the major overseas sites where the study of plant beds has already been in place for 10 years. The Réserve Naturelle is one of the initiators of this collaborative study, which is considered to be very comprehensive by the scientists who are familiar with it.

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