BioHab2 Launched

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Lancement de BioHab2 - BioHab2 launched
Lancement de BioHab2 - BioHab2 launched

BioHab2 LaunchedIn our prior edition we announced that after Irma, only 20 cinderblocks were left out of the 300 used by the Réserve to build nine “BioHab” artificial habitat structures within the perimeter of the reserve.
Even so, the project has not been abandoned and the Réserve has implemented BioHab 2, with the financial support of the French Agency for Biodiversity and the Veolia Foundation, but this time comprising two sites within the Réserve. The staff of the Réserve has created more than a dozen artificial habitats. As technical solutions already proven are once again being used, a new goal this time is to use recycled materials.
The purpose of these artificial habitats is to provide a milieu with a lot of hiding places, intended to be colonized by the many different species that had rapidly appropriated them in the first version of BioHab.

As a result, some of the debris from Irma have been repurposed and contribute to the reconstruction of our underwater biodiversity.

The planning phases of BioHab2, from conception to implantation, were the task of Guillaume Montagne, who was in training at the Réserve for four months, April-August 2018, under the tutelage of Julien Chalifour. Already holding his DTSM Intechmer and DEUST degrees, this 23 year-old student —who is also a professional drone pilot— is currently is his last year of study for a professional degree in the management of persons and property/ natural risks and the management of urban spaces at the University of Calais (ULCO).

Guillaume Montagne

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