Plant Beds Relatively Spared By Irma

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© Julien Chalifour
© Julien Chalifour

As has happened every year since 2007, the annual scientific study of reefs and plant beds took place in March 2018.

The goal is to document the evolution of the ocean floor. As usual, a representative of the nature reserve in Petite Terre and another from the Territorial Environmental Agency in Saint Barth were present, in order to help the team from Saint Martin collect underwater data at such sites as Rocher Créole, Pinel and Tintamare, as well as other sites outside of the Réserve, including Fish Pot in the Anguilla Channel. This underwater milieu seems to be less impacted than the island itself, although the coral in certain zones was damaged. However, if the physical impact seems to have been limited on the reefs and plant beds, the major shifting of sediments after Irma continues to harm them. As does untreated wastewater that is allowed to run into the sea!

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