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Les poissons saisis - The fish seized
Les poissons saisis - The fish seized


100-meter Fishnet at Galion

Fishing is forbidden in the Réserve, but that did not stop a poacher from French Quarter to regularly put a 100-meter-long fishnet in Galion Bay. Trying to be accommodating, the guards has asked him four different times to stop his illegal actions, but he persisted. On March 3, 2017, after threatening the guards that he would find out who they were and come after them, he was the subject of an official complaint that the Réserve Naturelle transmitted to the nautical police.

300-meter Fishnet Seized

On May 13, 2017 at around 5pm, an eyewitness called the Réserve to report that an individual was in the process of placing a fishnet at the outlet of the bay in Cul-de-Sac, right in the middle of the nature reserve. The guards verified the activity from the shore and decided to act before nightfall to limit the number of fish caught in the net. They confirmed that they removed and seized the 300-meter net, but several fish were already caught and dead.

Double Trouble For Two Fishermen

First, on February 18 in Grandes Cayes, then two weeks later at Rocher Créole, guards from the Réserve seized harpoons from two fishermen, as well as at least 30 fish each time. The fishermen were informed that fishing is strictly forbidden in the waters of the Réserve and they were warned that they would be fined if the incident were repeated

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Police Activity

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