Romain Renoux: From Creole Rock to the Rock of Monaco

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Bye bye Romain!
Bye bye Romain!

Romain Renoux, who started at the Réserve Naturelle in 2010, is leaving Saint Martin behind for Monaco, where he will soon be in charge of the funds dedicated to the protected marine areas (AMP) of the Mediterranean, as well as putting into place the mechanism to attribute subventions to these AMP. His experience working with the European BEST project, which has a similar objective, and for which he was responsible for the Caribbean hub, will be very useful. Also the correspondent for the Agoa sanctuary in Saint Martin, he is pleased that the coordinated efforts led by Saint Martin are recognized by all of the partners on the role that the island plays as the regional hub in terms of protection of the oceans and seas. On the eve of his departure, he thought fondly of the highpoints of his experience in Saint Martin, such as the first partnership agreement signed with an academic institution —the middle school in Quartier d’Orléans— in 2010; the creation of the discovery path at the Etang de la Barrière in collaboration with the Conservatoire du Littoral; the identification of 818 marine species during a scientific mission in April 2012; and especially the promotion of the regional cooperation that took him throughout the Caribbean basin. “We must remain vigilant on a daily basis for the preservation of the natural heritage of Saint Martin, and maintain our capacity to react against any threats to the environment,” he told us before leaving.

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