The Police and Justice out in the field

Sortie en mer pour le parquet et la gendarmerie
The Prosecutors and the Gendarmerie out on a boat trip

The new Commander of the Gendarmerie, Paul
Bétaille, the Public Prosecutor, Flavien Noailles,
and the Public Prosecutor’s Delegate, Daniel Vigoulette,
were taken out by the Reserve in their
boat, the Contender, to visit Creole Rock, Pinel
and Tintamare; a discovery trip organized specifically
for them. This boat trip out into the field
has given them a clearer image on issues of procedure
and has left them with a better understanding
of the context in which certain offenses
occur. It was also an opportunity to highlight the
excellent cooperation between the Reserve and
the Gendarmerie’s Water Brigade, as well as the
availability of government services that support
the reserve in their missions every day.

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