- Tintamare

Uninhabited, Tintamare is part of Saint Martin’s natural reserve and is environmentally protected.
The name of this undeveloped little island comes from the Spanish «tinta mare».
The color of the sea. A crystal‐clear turquoise that you want to dive into immediately, in the anchorage located on the southwest of the island, in front of a beach of soft white sand.
17 permanent yellow moorings placed at the disposition of boat ‐ up to 50 feet ou up to 15 tons ‐ by the Réserve Naturelle help limit damage to coral and plant beds.
Boats under 33 feet are allowed to drop an anchor, but only on a sandy bottom.
A very pretty site for snorkeling along the length of the north point is accessible by just a few flipper strokes. Wearing at least a pair of flip‐flops, it is possible for those curious enough to adventure behind the beach into the scrub.
The landscape includes the hulls and motors of airplanes abandoned by pilots and those engaged in contraband when an airstrip here was active from 1944‐1952.
The Marine Park requests that all boats respect the tranquility of this protected zones, the only nesting place for the Brown Noddy, an endangered species of bird who destroys its nest if it is disturbed.


  • 3 bouées / buoys
  • 10,5 mètres / 35 feet max
  • 8 tonnes / tons max
  • + 1 Basse Espagnole

In short

  • Good anchorage - Snorkeling
  • Natural reserve : total protection of the site (removal of clay and mooring in North Curve Bay forbidden)
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