- Pinel island

A popular tourist destination, Pinel Island is a perfect little paradise, but often overrun with crowds, but tranquility is restored after 4:30pm when the last ferry leaves.
The island is included in the Marine Park, which means that jet skis and fishing are prohibited. Access to Pinel by boat is tricky and it is a must to use the passage between Green Cay and Pinel.
15 permanent yellow moorings placed at the disposition of boat – up to 40 feet or 10 tons – by the Réserve Naturelle help limit damage to plant beds.
Boats under 33 ft are allowed to drop an anchor, but only on a sandy bottom.

Starting on the beach, the Ecosnorkeling path allows the public to discover the world of protected underwater flora and fauna.
A professional guide, also marine biologist, rents equipment and accompanies divers (no air tanks).
Ashore, you can stroll along a botany path, equipped with shaded wooden shelters and two observation points.

The village of Cul‐de‐Sac is easily accessible after tying your dinghy to a pontoon and walking about 10 minutes.
A grocery and drug store, located on the main road, are well‐stocked.


  • 10 bouées / buoys
  • 12 mètres / 40 feet max
  • 10 tonnes / tons max

In short

  • Marine Park : total protection
  • Restaurants for lunch on Pinel
  • Restaurants, drugstore, grocery store in Cul-de-Sacc
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