Sargassum: seeking a sustainable Solution

Sargassum seaweed… a big subject of conversation these days, for which the Collectivity of Saint Martin knows it must find a sustainable solution. In October 21, 2015, the Réserve Naturelle, which called for meetings all of concerned agencies -the prefecture, the Collectivity, and also the Regional Health Agency (ARS), due to health risks linked to the emission of H2S gas - organized the formation of “green brigades” to find the best solution to treat these mountains of algae that have been continually invading the windward coasts of Saint Martin. It is necessary to spread and dry the sargassum for three or four days so that it loses up to 80% of its volume, before transporting it to the eco-site at Grandes Cayes. As this drying process requires a large surface, the Conservatoire has proposed providing space along the Saline in Orient.

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Restoration Of Degraded Areas And Populations

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