Back to nature at Galion

Les ruines du Galion vues du ciel Aerial picture of the ruins in The Galion
Les ruines du Galion vues du ciel Aerial picture of the ruins in The Galion

The legal tangles in the confrontation between the Conservatoire du Littoral and the SCI Le Galion, owner of land parcel AW16 - where the ruins of a former hotel continued to decay - have reached a positive point following a price set for the sale of this land. In consequence, the Conservatoire can take possession of the site and start demolition of the ruins, which were an eyesore. This demolition project is expected to take six months with a budget of 660,000 euros. The high budget is due to the presence of asbestos in the buildings and very strict regulations concerning the treatment of this hazardous material. The call for bids has been launched: the work will begin early next year and be completed in the second half of 2016. The Conservatoire has budgeted a total of one million euros for the Galion project, and will renovate the site for use by the public, for picnics or leisure activities. The feasibility study done by the Conservatoire calls for the control of traffic, as well as the integration of a nautical base and a snack bar. Once the site is restored, in collaboration with the Collectivity, a three-party agreement will define the role of each group involved.

As school children use the floating swimming pool at Galion, regulations require the Collectivity to provide a qualified swimming instructor/lifeguard. And lifeguard in the sense of rescue operations. In light of this obligation to ensure the safety of the students, the Conservatoire has authorized the Collectivity to install a light structure on the edge of the beach.

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