Elie Gibbs School went over Galion with a fine tooth comb

Ecole Elie Gibs au Galion

40 bags of 200 liters filled with garbage from the sea… that was the result of the beach cleanup at Galion!
It was organized by the Prevention of Youth Delinquency Brigade (BPDJ) together with two classes from Elie Gibbs School in Grand Case, one from CE1 and the other from CM1 along with their teachers.
Thanks to gifts donated by some sponsors, the two gendarmes from the BPDJ organized the operation into a form of competition whereby the 47 children were grouped into teams of six and combed the coastline clean.
Only the section of the beach belonging to the Conservatoire du littoral (Coastal Conservancy) and classed as part of the Nature Reserve was concerned, that being the area after the Surf Club and up to the whale observatory in Coralita (the wildest part of the beach).
A reminder: The Conservatoire du littoral is in the process of acquiring other parcels of land; ones that have already been assigned to it through a process of expropriation.

Antitheft anchorages off Pinel Island

At Pinel, to avoid recurring theft of mooring buoys, rangers from the Nature Reserve replaced the leading strings from the mooring buoys with 12mm chain.
In addition, three mooring buoys at Creole Rock and four at Tintamare were temporarily withdrawn, as the chemically sealed ring on the moorings require underwater repairs to ensure security.


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Restoration Of Degraded Areas And Populations

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