Hurray For Volunteers!

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Merci à What De 9 - Thanks To What De 9
Merci à What De 9 - Thanks To What De 9

What De 9, a local association in Saint Martin, in partnership with Contour Global, recently contacted the Réserve and offered to help with cleanup operations at natural sites, and also to make a donation of cleaning materials that they can provide: rakes, shovels, tools, gloves… Thanks! At the same time, the association Clean St-Martin showed their strength by undertaking the cleanup of mangrove located behind the former shelters at Orient Bay. This action complements those activities led by the Réserve, as the site in question is located outside of the Reserve’s territory and is covered with debris of all sorts. Clean St-Martin is happy to welcome all volunteers: More details available on the association’s Facebook page.

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Restoration Of Degraded Areas And Populations

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