90 Donors Raise 7,600 Euros

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The day after Irma hit, the Réserve was already worrying about its financial capacity to repair the damage. More than half of the Réserve’s budget is based on its ability for self-financing, to the point of 470,000 euros per year, thanks to economic and eco-touristic activities authorized to operate on its most beautiful sites, but most of which will not be in operation in 2018. Knowing that the damage caused by Irma to these protected sites was estimated at close to 850,000 euros, the Réserve decided to launch a “Go- FundMe” campaign to raise money. The ideas was to invite friends of the environment to support the financing of the Réserve in its new mission, that of saving the biodiversity of these exceptional sites and make sure they are restored to their original beauty. Result: 90 donors gave 7,600 euros. A sum that doesn’t come close to the needs of the Réserve, but every euro helps, and this money has been used to finance the first cleanup operations. Thanks to all participants!

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