- Marine mammals

The plateau formed by the islands of Saint Martin, Anguilla, and Saint Barthélemy is a reproduction zone for humpback whales.
Nine species of marine mammals can be seen and, from January through May, divers may have the opportunity to hear the songs of the males, who can vocalize for as long 30 minutes before coming to the surface to breathe.
At the same time, the dolphins like to come close to the prow of the boats and it is not unusual to observe them in the waters near Rocher Créole or Tintamare.
At the initiative of the AGOA mammal sanctuary (see the following pages), of which the Réserve de Saint-Martin is a partner, the third scientific study of marine mammals took place in March 2012 between Saint Martin, Anguilla, and Saint Barth and the zone around Saba, Sint Eustatia and the Saba Bank.
Four species of dolphins were observed, as well as several sperm whales.
Several songs by humpback whales were recorded.

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