- Birds

There are 85 species of birds –among which the great egret, the snowy egret, the red-tailed tropicbird, the bridled tern, the Herminier puffin, the little tern and of course the pelican— present in Saint Martin, and 55 of these species are protected.
Several species are the subject of a scientific study, including the brown noddy, a protected species that nests on the cliffs of Tintamare.
Frightened by the presence of humans, the brown noddy has been known to destroy its own nest. It is therefore prohibited for boats to anchor in North Cove Bay, and for passengers to gain access to this sector.
Erosion of the cliffs and predators such as rats are also among the reasons the brown noddy is getting rare on Tintamare.
So it is extremely important not to leave any remains of food on the beach, so as not to aid in the proliferation of rats.

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