La Réserve naturelle de Saint-Martin est une aire marine protégée de 30km2 située au nord-est de l’île de Saint-Martin. Créé en 1998, cet espace préserve les cinq principaux écosystèmes de l’île : récifs coralliens, mangroves, herbiers de phanérogames, étangs et forêt sèche littorale. La Réserve gère également les 14 étangs du Conservatoire du littoral et ses 11 km de rivages terrestres naturels.

Bravo! A Green Brigade at Mont des Accords

L’étang de la Barrière | The Barrière pond
The Barrière pond

Students at Mont des Accords decided to actively participate in the sustainable development of the environment on their island.

No sooner said, than done, and the green brigade at their school now has more than 20 members. In order to be better informed, and be able to best determine what activities to undertake, they asked for help from the Réserve Naturelle, which was of course happy to participate in this wonderful initiative. So on February 17, 2017, accompanied by their teacher, Mrs Maaroufi, other adults, and Julien Chalifour from the Réserve Naturelle, this green brigade set out on the trail through the mangrove at the Etang de la Barrière. They bombarded Chalifour with questions and are now more knowledgeable about the flora found in these wetlands, and the fauna that lives there. They also understand that the pond contributes to the purification of rainwater that goes into the sea, and that it serves as a nursery for baby fish. They also learned that the important role of the mangrove is seriously threatened, most notably by landfill, and that its restoration is a necessity. We will soon know more about their program, which will be divided between communication and field trips.

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