Flooding strongly possible

Les Terres Basses inondées après Gonzalo © Association des propriétaires des Terres Basses
Terres Basses flooded after Gonzalo © Homeowners Association of Terres Basses

A foreseeable consequence of badly controlled construction is the overflowing of the ponds in Terre Basses following the strong rains on November 8, which caused severe flooding. It took several days for the situation to return to normal, as the water eventually flowed toward the sea. As owner of these ponds, the Conservatoire du Littoral should be consulted if the Homeowners Association of Terres Basses decides to do work to handle the evacuation of rainwater.

Urban planning: the Conservatoire remains vigilant

In January 2015, the Conservatoire du Littoral will confirm its land-use strategy for the year. As there is a new urban planning map (PLU) for Saint Martin, the Conservatoire is particularly vigilant about the future of certain sites: Bell Point between Grand-Case and Anse Marcel, Red Rock along the Sentier des Froussards, and the hillsides around Pic Paradis.

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Managing The Impact Of Human Activities In Protected Areas

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