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Gaspard Dubois
Gaspard Dubois

An internship to limit damage at Pinel

Gaspard Dubois, a second-year student at the Sorbonne with a double-major in geoscience and Chinese, was hosted by La Réserve Naturelle from May 24 to July 20, 2021. His goal was to create a bibliographical review for the island of Pinel and do an appraisal about the state of health of the biotope on this small island, which is subject to diverse pressure from humans, especially from the commercial installations located there. The student finished his internship with a second project: The drafting of a technical and scientific argument to solicit the integration of a second station to monitor the quality of the water along the maritime coasts of Saint Martin, as part of a study on Water Framework Directive (DCE) sponsored by the DEAL. This station would complement the current local network, with low exposure to anthropogenic influences.

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