Action SP1 : Carrying out surveillance patrols in the marine, terrestrial, and coastal zones of the RNN

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During the period of confinement, the Réserve Naturelle has maintained its surveillance activities on land and at sea, in order to enforce the regulations. Several individuals who tried to take advantage of the confinement situation to go fishing in the waters of the Réserve or engage in a commercial activity were obliged to abandon their plans after being reprimanded by the Réserve, which works in close collaboration with the nautical brigade of the national gendarmerie.

Environmental Police Activities

In 2019, the technical office and nature police of the Réserve Naturelle carried out 423 patrols from January through December 2019: 306 patrols on land and 141 at sea. Of these patrols, 398 were in accordance with the regulations, and 15 were not—10 on land and 15 at sea. From January 1 through May 2020, the same group carried out 108 patrols, 50 at sea and 58 on land. Of these patrols, 93 were in order, 18 were not—7 on land and 8 at sea. They resulted in four tickets: for leaving trash at Galion; an unauthorized charter activity; two illegal fishing operations during confinement, as well as several reminders of the law for the use of a dune buggy, practicing kite surfing, using a fishing rod, and allowing dogs off leashes.

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Keeping an eye on the regulations and the level of human activities compatible with the goals of La Réserve

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