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Colette Buisson en plongée - Colette Buisson diving
Colette Buisson en plongée - Colette Buisson diving

An intern at the Réserve Naturelle from August 15-30, Colette Buisson was a student at the Institut Intechmer of Cherbourg (CNAM), where for three years she trained in engineering techniques for marine environments, and where she successful completed her program. While at the Réserve, she participated in the implantation of the second BioHab2 artificial habitat, not far from Anse Marcel within the perimeter of the Réserve Naturelle, and to study the colonization of these under-water habitats. Encouraged by Julien Chalifour, the young woman decided to enroll for a master’s degree at the University of Corsica.

Volunteers wanted!
La Réserve Naturelle is seeking volunteers to answer a questionnaire designed to determine the presence of certain species of fish in Saint Martin. If you would like to participate, please contact:, 06 90 47 02 13.

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