AMP meeting in Saint Martin

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Les 50 participants au Forum des AMP étaient notamment venus du Parc National de Port-Cros, de l’AMP de la Côte agathoise, des villes de Marseille et de Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, des sanctuaires des mammifères marins Pelagos et Agoa, du Parc national du Morbihan, de la Réserve naturelle des Sept-Îles, de l’AMP de Moorea, de la Réserve marine de La Réunion...
The 50 participants at the AMP Forum included managers from the National Park of Port-Cros, the AMP de la Côte agathoise, the cities of Marseille and Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, the Pelagos and Agoa marine mammal sanctuaries, the National Park of Morbihan, the Rés

The managers of Protected Marine Areas (AMP) from throughout mainland and overseas France have the opportunity to meet once a year at their annual Forum.

This year, thanks to support from the Agency for Protected Marine Areas, ATEN, and the Overseas Ministry, Saint Martin has the chance to host them! On October 25-27, 2016, at the Beach Hotel, 50 such managers were able to exchange ideas about their daily work, and share their experiences, based on common themes. One atelier explored the practical question about management of moorings, as well as the subject of ecological connectivity, which consists of working in a network in order to take into account the ecological reality of migratory species, such as certain birds or humpback whales. The implication of the general community, in terms of awareness and taking of responsibility by citizens, as is necessary in the management of protected areas was also evoked. Romain Renoux, head of regional cooperation and education for the Réserve Naturelle de Saint Martin, was the president of the Forum since 2014 and has passed the baton to Karine Pothin, director of the Réserve Marine de La Réunion, for the next two years. Overseas territories were in the spotlight and Julien Chalifour, head of the scientific department, presented recent projects by the Réserve, including the creation of coral nurseries, as well as studies on birds and sea turtles. Later, the participants were able to enjoy field trips and see the improvements made at several sites, from Rocher Créole to Pinel, by way of Tintamare, aboard two catamarans - Scoobitoo and Solana, both partners of the Réserve Naturelle, which financed this excursion at sea

Karine Pothin (standing up), director of the Réserve marine de La Réunion, is the new President of the Protected Marine Areas Forum.
Karine Pothin (standing up), director of the Réserve marine de La Réunion, is the new President of the Protected Marine Areas Forum.

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